Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tips How to Have a Coffee Themed Kitchen

Have you always wanted an Old World style kitchen with a coffee shop theme? You can do it in your own kitchen with only a few tips. Read on. You can make your kitchen classy, elegant, or very simple, but a coffee theme must include the basic model... a coffee atmosphere; inviting, accessible, and pleasant to the eye. Only a true dyed-in-the-wool coffee lover is brave enough to take the plunge, and create a beautiful, warm, and inviting coffee atmosphere that will incite rave reviews. If you are confident, go for it!

When one thinks of Old Word Theme... one thinks of Italian! Enhance the coffee theme with your favorite coffee maker. The Bialetti espresso maker screams Italian and is a good place to start. You can purchase a Bialetti at your favorite online retailer somewhere between $20-$30. Some 2-cup models are less than $20.00 and make wonderful espresso. The Bialetti electric cappuccino maker, the Bialetti Mukka Express will retail for around $85.00.

Another inexpensive theme-based accessory for a coffee kitchen is coffee-themed wall-paper border. A fresh coat of paint and a wall paper border works wonders. If you feel really creative and your budget allows the splurge, try wall-papering only one wall with a coffee theme and apply the border to the remaining three painted walls one inch down from the top of the ceiling. Or, simply apply wallpaper border all the way around the kitchen at the top to draw the eye upward if your ceilings are eight feet high or 1-1&1/2 inches down from the ceiling if your ceilings are over eight feet in height. Some decorative cup hooks under the top set of cupboards creates an accessible and decorative look.

If you do not wish to drill holes in the bottoms of your cupboards, a decorative cup holder is a great alternative and serves the same purpose. I prefer the cup hooks as the cup holder stands tend to get in the way when it comes time for clean-up. Enhance the Old World look of your kitchen further with decorative coffee mugs, a sugar bowl, with cream pitcher set. A small china cupboard with your favorite coffee displays will always be a hit.

An additional way to create a coffee themed kitchen is to install a booth in the kitchen to simulate a 1950's coffee shop. An Italian coffee theme will fit very well with the coffee shop booth. Add a vase of fresh flowers and you have a dreamy coffee themed Kitchen.

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